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Marketing Intelligence

Salesforce Agency Services

If your company has opted for Salesforce and you need help to get the most out of the most advanced technology suite on the market, this paper is the first step you need to take.

In this dossier you will find all the services offered by ShowerThinking on Salesforce technology and focused on the needs of marketing and sales teams.

Digital Sales, Marketing Automation and Digital Experience

Digital Marketing, Data Strategy and CRM & Process Automation are the 3 legs of the Marketing Intelligence service we offer at ShowerThinking. Each one will help you grow in a different field. To get results, today it is essential to build a good data strategy on which to implement a multi-channel technology that helps us to optimize the investment in Digital Marketing. Imagine all the potential you will achieve with these three parts integrated in the same strategy.


Sales Cloud

Optimize the engine on which your business revolves.

Marketing Cloud

Start working on omnicanal campaigns efficiently.


B2B models focused on a Campaign Strategy


Make all marketing decisions based on data.